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Have you ever felt a shift in energy when walking into a new city or during a pivotal moment in your life? My conversation with Danny Miranda takes us on a journey through such vibrational landscapes, as we discuss mind-blowing concepts like muscle testing and David Hawkins' map of consciousness. We tap into how these tools can reflect the ebb and flow of our emotional states and even the collective pulse of the city you call home.

There's a serene power in surrender, a lesson I've come to appreciate through meditation and making time for stillness. These moments spark a new approach to my podcast and real-life conversations, seeking authenticity and presence over meticulous preparation. Sharing a transformative encounter with Mike Posner, Danny reveals how letting go can lead to beautiful, organic interactions that stay with you long after the mic is off.

Bringing our chat home, Danny shares a heartfelt story of growth and engagement, inviting us to live EVER FORWARD with love, joy, and peace. We close this episode inspired, pondering how presence, kindness, and heartfelt communication are not only the essence of a good podcast but also the foundation of a life well-lived. Join us for an episode that’s as much about the depths of human consciousness as it is about the simple, yet profound, act of being truly present with one another.

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In this episode we discuss...

(7:28) Calibrating Consciousness and Self-Reflection

(19:01) Chasing Unconditional Love and Surrender

(32:23) Navigating Dreams and Continuous Learning

(38:34) Overcoming Fear Through Sharing Experiences

(49:26) Evolution of Consciousness and Growth

(57:29) What Does Self-Exploration Really Feel Like?

(01:04:16) Power of Connection and Transformation With Anyone and Everyone You Meet

(01:12:09) Committing to Your Mission

(01:17:45) Future Growth and Self-Reflection


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This is a comprehensive journey into the world of sobriety, sober-curious, and the multifaceted impact of alcohol on our bodies. From gut microbiome disruptions to hormone imbalances and nutrient depletion, Dr. Brooke Scheller, DCN, CNS peels back the layers of alcohol's influence on our health. With her personal sobriety story and background in functional medicine as well as clinical nutrition, she is sharing an insider's look into the complex relationship between our drinking habits and overall well-being, and why the social narrative around alcohol's health benefits needs a sober second thought.

Brooke shines a light on the lesser-discussed effects of alcohol on our hormones and stress levels, exploring how even moderate consumption can throw our delicate hormonal balance out of sync. As a society inundated with stress, understanding alcohol's interaction with cortisol is more important than ever. She also provide insights into how alcohol's presence in our lives might be hindering more than just our physical health, but our personal growth and ability to reach our full potential as well.

Dr. Scheller also addresses the nutritional strategies that can help manage the effects of alcohol and support those on the path to reduced consumption or sobriety. Whether you're curious about the science behind alcohol's impact on the body or seeking motivation for your own sober or sober-curious journey, this conversation will help you identify how alcohol may have affected your health and how to heal your body.

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In this episode we discuss...

(00:00) Alcohol's Impact on Health and Wellness

(15:11) The 3 Drinking Archetypes

(28:56) Alcohol and Hormones

(44:15) Alcohol's Impact on Gut and Brain

(53:03) Alcohol's Impact on Brain and Overall Body

(01:03:49) Nutrition and Supplementation for Mitigating Alcohol's Negative Effects

(01:15:08) Challenging Alcohol Culture and Lifestyle

(01:29:21) The Impact of Removing Alcohol From Your Life


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Join us as we explore the profound connections between herbalism, healing, and creativity with the brilliant mind behind the brand "Organic Olivia", Olivia Amitrano. Together, we navigate the power of ancestral knowledge and the resonance it holds in our lives today. Olivia shares how herbs from our heritage may intimately link with us on a genetic level, potentially influencing our health in ways yet to be fully grasped by modern science. She also shares her personal journey of reconnecting with the essence of herbalism, transitioning from broad-spectrum herbal solutions to fostering a more intimate, relationship-driven practice that deeply impacts our health and sparks our creative flames.

Olivia also discusses the challenging yet rewarding path to self-awareness and joy, examining personal experiences of overcoming childhood trauma and codependency. She candidly reflects on her own battle with cannabis dependency and the awakening that comes from confronting deep emotions and learning to self-soothe. The episode also delves into the subtleties of codependency in relationships, where Olivia sheds light on the transformative power of self-awareness and the significance of establishing boundaries and the concept of task separation, which is crucial for maintaining individuality and healthy interpersonal dynamics.

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In this episode we discuss...

(06:00) Exploring Herbalism, Healing, and Creativity

(14:50) Navigating Self-Discovery and Relationships

(21:44) Strengthening Cell Membranes and Self-Discovery

(30:58) Navigating Selflessness and Codependency

(39:31) Journey to Health and Healing

(51:16) Healing Inner Child Through Art Therapy

(01:01:46) The Power of Adaptogens for Health

(01:06:02) Metabolic Health and Optimization

(01:17:12) Nutrition, Wellness, and Consistency

(01:25:11) Herbal Formulas and Relationship Matters


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We're peeling back the layers of addiction and sobriety's complex landscape with the help of Dr. Blair Steel, guiding us through the science and heartache of substance dependence. Embrace the nuances of "California sober," a term that's as multifaceted as the journeys of those who walk the line between recovery and relapse. Our discussion spans from the shifting tide in marijuana legislation to the perils of fentanyl-laced recreational drugs, stressing the critical need for a strong foundation of sobriety for those grappling with addiction.

Blair also explains the intricate dance of emotions and avoidance behaviors that often lead individuals to substance abuse. Through the lens of generational attitudes and the biochemistry of addiction, we dissect how dopamine's allure and the brain's quest for homeostasis can contribute to dependency on substances and activities alike. From the potency of emotional support to the delicate balance required in holistic healing, our conversation illuminates the importance of facing our feelings head-on for true mental health and personal growth.

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In this episode we discuss...

(05:00) The Differences Between Sobriety, Sober Curious, California Sober and General Addiction

(14:57) Avoidance Behaviors

(28:34) Pre-Lapse Behaviors

(42:12) Understanding PTSD, Genetic Testing, and Relapse

(56:53) Holistic Approaches to Healing From Substance Abuse

(01:02:40) Coffee Addiction and Brain Chemistry

(01:06:58) Generational Risk and Addiction Awareness

(01:15:54) Moving Forward in Recovery


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Join us as we explore the profound journey of self-awareness and personal development with honored guest, Daniel Fielding, a former Special Forces operative. In this episode, Daniel shares how he maintains a year-round commitment to improvement rather than confining resolutions to a single time of year. Fresh from the pages of his new book, Daniel is here to help you discover and change any negative mindsets and behaviors that prevent you from achieving success, build a mindset you will be proud to live with and start creating positive changes today, and show your how to turn yourself into an elite level asset, the kind that overcomes any obstacle that life may throw at you.

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In this episode we discuss...

(01:01) Self-Awareness and Personal Development

(07:20) Enhancing Self-Awareness Through External Feedback

(12:00) How to Build Discipline for Success

(17:55) Building Resilience Through Mindset and Action

(28:57) Importance of Positive Thinking

(35:12) Owning Your Power

(44:40) Facing Fear and Achieving Success No Matter What


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Unlock the secrets to unwavering motivation and the courage to start your fitness journey, as Kenny Santucci joins us again for a compelling discussion about setting (and keeping) goals. Discover how to push past mental barriers and embrace challenges that may initially overwhelm but ultimately lead to clarity and resilience. Kenny highlights that true change comes from committing to incremental progress, no matter where you are starting from. In this episode, we also delve into the importance of a supportive community, whether that's through the camaraderie of a run club or the relationships built within the walls of a gym. We examine how the power of self-belief can not only shape your fitness goals but alter your life's trajectory, proving that our minds are just as important to train as our bodies.

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In this episode we discuss...

(02:00) Finding Motivation in Your Fitness Journey

(06:40) Navigating Overwhelm to Achieve Clarity

(15:13) Transforming Others' Lives Through Health and Fitness

(22:49) How to Believe in Yourself and Achieve Success

(30:58) Get Your Daily Wins

(37:50) Fitness Trends and Personal Health Journeys


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As I sat across from Topaz Adizes, the mind behind "The Skin Deep", our conversation went into the heart of human connections and break the traditional confines of intimacy. We all crave depth in our relationships, be it with family, friends, or partners, but how often do we step back to consider the trust and respect that serve as the bedrock for these bonds? From asking meaningful questions that ignite a spark of understanding to navigating true vulnerability, this episode will help you fortify your relationships in ways you never thought possible.

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In this episode we discuss...

(01:00) Exploring Deeper Relationships Without Intimacy

(13:20) Navigating Safety and Discomfort in Relationships

(27:12) Creating Intimacy Through Questions

(30:21) Exploring Masculine and Feminine Energy

(44:30) Creating Better Questions for Relationships

(52:45) Navigating Identity in Mid-Life Crises

(59:42) Personal Growth and Relationship Evolution

(01:05:56) The Power of Deep Listening

(01:18:01) Deepening Relationships Through Thoughtful Questions

(01:22:50) How Topaz Lives Ever Forward


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Valentine's Day often conjures images of heart-shaped candies and bouquets, but for my wife and I, it's a time to open up about the tapestry of our love story as well as the history of this day dedicated to romance. This episode journeys into the essence of relationships, starting with the Roman roots of Valentine's Day and how it evolved over time to celebrate love in its many forms. We go over the peculiar tradition of earmarking days for expressing love and delve into how early memories can tint our perceptions of such occasions. Happy Valentine's Day!

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In this episode, we discuss...

(09:16) The Evolution of a Relationship

(16:08) Origins and History of Valentine's Day

(28:19) Valentine's Day and Childhood Associations

(39:22) Is Love Lost in America?

(48:24) Love Languages and Relationship Evolution

(01:00:27) Moving Forward in Love and Relationships


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Is coffee bad for you? How much caffeine is too much? What's the difference between coffee alternatives and alternative coffee? Adam Von Rothfelder, Founder and CEO of Strong Coffee Company, rejoins us to unravel the tapestry of coffee culture and its real impact on our health. Get a fresh perspective on how caffeine plays into your stress levels and discover the innovative ways Strong Coffee Company is redefining your cup with wellness in mind.

We're not just brewing up your average joe; we're steeping into a conversation about adaptogens, antioxidants, and the power of a proper breakfast replacement that's more than meets the eye – or taste buds.

As we peel back the layers of the consumer goods space, we're confronting the hard truths about misleading claims in the wellness industry. From the protein content in your favorite shakes to the underdosing epidemic in supplements, this episode is a wake-up call that goes beyond the caffeine kick. We're sharing stories of reformulation triumphs and the pursuit of product integrity, while Adam reveals the careful balance of customer feedback in crafting the ideal morning fix. It's not just about quenching your thirst; it's about sipping on authenticity and transparency in every gulp.

Life's a complex blend of choices and experiences, and we're here to stir the pot. This episode isn't just a conversation; it's a testament to the ever-forward movement in our cups and in our lives, ensuring that every sip and step we take is full of intention and integrity. So grab your mug, and let's raise a toast to the richness of life, one brew at a time.

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In this episode, we discuss...

(01:00) Coffee Alternatives and Caffeine Benefits

(11:49) Unique Features of Strong Coffee Company

(24:06) Strong Coffee Benefits for Breakfast

(28:11) Health Decisions and Behavior Change

(33:27) Misleading Claims in Consumer Product Goods

(48:10) Hydration Pill Development and Customer Feedback

(52:45) The Impact of Flavored Coffee

(01:04:33) Functional Patterns Training for Rehabilitation

(01:16:27) Fitness, Slacklining, and Balancing Life

(01:24:08) Finding Wife's Birth Father

(01:31:15) Navigating New Relationships and Protecting Family

(01:36:30) Teaching Confidence and Entrepreneurship to Children

(01:47:22) Living Life Ever Forward


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As someone who's danced the tightrope between the solitude of an introvert and the spotlight of content creation, Matt Choi knows these intricacies all too well. Matt has gone from the athletic adrenaline of football fields to the hustle of a personal trainer, and now, he is navigating the ever-evolving digital landscape. In this episode, Matt Choi, shares how he went from being a D1 football player to pounding the pavement across South Korea and every marathon he can find in between it all! Matt's stories are a testament to resilience and the art of living fully in the moment.

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In this episode, we discuss...

(01:00) Personal Trainer and Content Creator's Journey

(12:04) Finding Balance and Personal Fulfillment

(16:22) Chase's Personal Experience with BioPro

(29:01) Perseverance and Self-Acceptance in Challenging Goals

(31:47) Embracing Change and Overcoming Failure

(38:24) Overcoming Weaknesses and Pushing Through Challenges

(49:42) The Rise of Running and Community

(54:14) Finding Growth and Pushing Limits


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Have you ever wondered what it takes to transform the way we think about nutrition and indulgence? Zach Rocheleau, a culinary virtuoso in the realm of transformational nutrition, rejoins us to share his innovative approach to creating sumptuous, protein-packed meals that align with a healthy lifestyle. His journey from delivering nutrition to doorsteps to becoming a social media sensation illustrates the magnetic pull of delectable, health-conscious cuisine. Zach's commitment to food that satisfies both the body and the palate is not just refreshing but revolutionizes our relationship with what we eat.

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In this episode, we talk about...

(11:40 - 13:18) Becoming a Diverse Chef

(17:12 - 18:30) Career Growth and Overcoming Imposter Syndrome

(19:26 - 20:39) Overcoming Imposter Syndrome and Staying True

(35:04 - 36:13) The Importance of Macro-Friendly Menu Options

(41:18 - 42:11) Mindset and Weight Gain Relationship

(43:53 - 45:00) Navigating Consumerism and Financial Awareness

(57:02 - 58:27) Dream of Cooking for Gordon Ramsay

(01:05:49 - 01:07:14) Embracing Growth and Challenging Yourself

(01:10:41 - 01:11:50) Believing in Humans and Good Food


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This episode is an invitation to redefine your relationship with your body, your spirit, and the very fabric of life as we know it. Guest Alexis Artin helps us ponder the finite nature of our existence juxtaposed against the infinite journey of the soul, uncovering how our bodies communicate with us and guide our purpose. We share the practical philosophy of 'three-foot toss' and 'micro-dosing adversity' as strategies for building resilience, as well as unravel how curiosity and self-compassion pave the way to recognizing our innate value, irrespective of external validation. If you've ever felt lost in the pursuit of wellness amidst the noise of societal expectations, this episode will be your compass back to self.

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In this episode, you will learn...

(06:46) Navigating Health Challenges and Mental Preparedness

(14:17) Understanding and Reclaiming Personal Wellness

(24:03) Finite and Infinite Existence Concept

(33:36) Achieving Small Wins for Long-Term Success

(39:47) The Power of Curiosity and Self-Value

(51:42) Relationship Values and Mind-Heart Connection

(56:16) Reframing Negative Experiences and Shifting Beliefs

(01:06:55) Grief, Stoicism, and Self-Love

(01:18:43) Discovering Soul Sway Practice


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