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Jan 19, 2022

EFR 568: The Role of Spirituality in Relationships with May Yazdi Chewning

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May Yazdi is a nurse practitioner, holistic health coach, and host of the May’s Anatomy Podcast. More importantly, May is the life-long partner and wife of Chase. Together, they’ve been building a spiritually grounded partnership and are still exploring that to this day.

What does it mean to have a spiritual component to your relationship? How do I develop spirituality in my relationship? What’s the difference between spirituality and religion? How do you have a healthy relationship with someone who’s beliefs are different than your own? These are all powerful questions Chase and May reflect upon in this episode.

In the last few years, Chase has become more spiritual, realizing that his spiritual Self has always been with him. Despite being grown up in the Southern Baptist Church, he ponders the reason why he hasn’t made his own spirituality as much of a priority as he wants it to be. Through his spiritual exploration, Chase and May have been able to deepen their connection on a whole new level.

In this discussion, May and Chase talk about the spiritual component of relationships and marriage. They share their intimate thoughts on how to nurture your own spirituality while supporting the spiritual growth of your partner, and thus, the vitality and longevity of your partnership.

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Key Highlights

  • Spirituality means something different to each person. To May, spirituality is an innate knowing within herself that she is a reflection of God, of the Universe, of mankind, and of the multiverse. 

  • Spirituality and religion are very different and they aren’t always paired together. Religion is a system of faith or worship, but spirituality is YOU. It’s something unique and personal to you.

  • Although May isn’t outwardly spiritual, spirituality is everything when it comes to her health and wellness, so it’s also a huge part of the health and wellness of her relationships.

  • A fundamental truth of spirituality is that you must accept every person’s version of spirituality as their own. You grow spiritually when you accept others as they are. Chase and May believe that’s an extremely important part of a healthy marriage, especially if you come from different faiths.

  • Individual investigation is essential before you investigate spirituality as a couple. What are your beliefs? Where do you stand? Then, go from there… Create an environment that is conducive for both of your spiritual Selves to come out and be present. Be still together and see what comes up!

Powerful Quotes by May Yazdi

If you are in a partnership, or even just on your own kind of solo, self-love healing journey, diving into the spiritual component will just give you boundless possibilities of where you can go.

That’s what’s so important to me in a partner, is that your experience is valid, whatever it is. The way you view the world is valid. Who am I to tell you that it’s not? And I want that in return.

I know in my literal soul, so strongly, that where I am going to be after I pass on from this world, you’re going to be there, too. And maybe, in this world, you think it’s something different and it looks different and you call it something different, but like, I’ll see you there.

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For years, brain enthusiasts and performance coaches have been striving to find ways to assess human health with nothing more than their brain waves. As an outcome of their strenuous efforts, technology has opened doors to that humongous possibility – of analyzing the state of the human brain at any point to see what you need to do to perform better! One star performer in brain health technology is Wave Neuroscience -- and we're diving into the lessons from their advancement today.

Meet Ned Mason, retired Navy SEAL Commander and now Chief Operating Officer at Wave Neuroscience, as he joins Chase on a special LIVE demo episode of Ever Forward Radio. Wave Neuroscience is a company that develops technologies to help you understand your brain without pharmaceuticals or invasive procedures. 

Today, Ned performs Wave Neuroscience's brain assessment on Chase, measuring the frequencies of his brain waves alpha, theta, and delta, and touring his brain health using the measured parameters. He provides a detailed breakdown of the results of his evaluation (Chase's brain care report and brain synchrony score) and explains what each brain wave tells about behavioral and lifestyle traits like the effectiveness of sleep, learning style, and grasping speed.

Tune in now to be informed of the latest brain vocabulary, brain science, and how to use this breakthrough technology in your wellness journey!

Key Highlights 

  • The top two brain waves for measuring human brain performance are delta and theta. While the delta brain waves are associated with deep sleep, the theta brain waves are associated with light sleep.

  • The alpha brain waves are generally stable and durable over time, with the results often remaining the same over a week.

  • The alpha waves measure your brain's capacity to focus – one of the most challenging things for the human brain to do. If you've been tired, had a bad night's sleep, or are frustrated, you'll find yourself going back and forth when trying to focus. 

  • Another thing we can infer from the alpha wave measurement is the brain's capacity to cycle information.

  • The OODA Loop (a term often used in the military) is a fighter pilot kind of vocabulary term. It assesses how quickly you can observe, orient yourself to an observation, make a decision, and take action. Alpha waves also help measure the speed of your OODA loop (A healthy human average comes close to 9.8 Hertz).

  • What to do once you have your brain synchrony score – discover the optimal range for your brain to operate the best and see if your current score is within the obtained range.

Powerful Quotes from Ned

“It's important to understand the creative vocabulary on how we think about our brain.”

“Focus is probably one of the most difficult things for the human brain to do.”

“We are a symphony, the human body. And the brain is definitely that. So, taking a picture of that is important. You need to understand the structure, we're not taking a picture of the brain in that way. Instead, we're listening to the symphony, we're listening to how it sounds, [finding out if] is everything aligned, or are the strings a half a beat off?“

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Jan 13, 2022

EFR 566: Your 30-Year Diet and Fitness Plan - MUSCLE FOR LIFE with Mike Matthews

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Personal trainer and author Mike Matthews returns to talk about his newest release, Muscle for Life: Get Lean, Strong, and Healthy at Any Age!.

Best known for his book Bigger Leaner Stronger and its female-focused counterpart Thinner Leaner Stronger—both released in 2014—Mike has now trained his focus onto longevity for both men and women in their 40s and above who are relatively new to strength training.

Mike is a staunch promoter of making fitness a lifestyle instead of a program. In his own words: “Instead of a 30-day plan, I want to show people how to create a 30-year plan.” Creating that 30-year plan for yourself requires going back to basics.

Mike invokes the 80/20 rule, in which 80% of outcomes come from 20% of causes. The rule certainly applies to fitness, where a few fundamental principles—four in particular—can be responsible for the majority of results.

Those four fundamental principles, which he dives into in today’s conversation, are controlling your calorieseating a high-protein dietconsuming relatively nutritious and unprocessed foods, and working out three-to-six hours a week.

Asked for his overall view of the role of fitness in one’s life, Mike says, “I try not to make fitness my life, an end unto itself.” Instead, he looks at fitness as a tool that he uses in service of the things that really matter, such as relationships and career.

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Key Highlights

  • Mike teaches us how to get lean, strong, and healthy at any age.

  • What are the four key fitness principles that, when followed, lead to the majority of your results?

  • Mike explains why some people may have better results with a high-carb diet.

  • Mike gives some examples of right and wrong ways to track your progress when going for a fitness goal.

  • What should men know if they’re considering TRT (testosterone replacement therapy)?

Powerful Quotes by Mike

  • My personal goal with all of my work is to teach people how to figure out how to make this stuff a lifestyle—not a 30-day challenge. [...] Instead of a 30-day plan, I want to show people how to create a 30-year plan.

  • If you look at the scientific literature, it’s very clear that a higher-carb diet is better than a lower-carb diet for building muscle and gaining strength.

  • It’s very easy to worry too much about chasing theories about how we could maybe squeeze a little bit more into our lifespan: If we cycle our protein, if we maximize fasting, if we go in and out of ketosis—the amount of stress you can place on yourself trying to do all of that—that might just negate any hypothetical benefits to longevity.

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Dr. Erik Won is the President and Chief Medical Officer at Wave Neuro, an innovative company taking a personalized approach to Braincare™. Wave Neuro is seeking to redefine the way cognitive health is understood and how mental health is managed.

Erik and his team are on a mission to democratize brain care and improve knowledge of brain health to empower people to live their best lives.

As a former Navy Flight Surgeon, Erik joined Wave Neuroscience to help people heal from a wide range of neurological issues and improve brain health using non-pharmaceutical tools and activities.

In this discussion, Erik and Chase talk about Wave Neuro’s humanistic approach to healing neurological issues, such as depression and PTSD, as well as factors that can impact brain health, like sleep deprivation. Erik also shares his thoughts on the energy we emit from our brain and our hearts, as well as how we can begin to measure, interpret it, and use it to better our lives.

Follow Wave Neuro @waveneuro

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Key Highlights

  • Military veterans experience neurological injuries such as concussions, post-traumatic stress, and depression. There are tools available to help vets heal, like cognitive behavioral therapy and anti-depressants, but Wave Neuroscience has formulated a non-pharmaceutical option for optimizing brain function and supporting the healing journey.

  • Beyond the labels and stigmas of mental illness, Wave Neuro is able to look at a simple brain scan to identify which neurons are misfiring and help you understand how your brain is working. This enables both the doctor and patient to tangibly see what needs to be tracked or worked on and create goals for actively improving your mental health.

  • Everyone should care about brain health and anyone can improve their brain health. You don’t have to be sick to want to be well or to feel better. 

  • Consistent (years of) poor quality sleep and sleep deprivation can cause a plethora of neurological issues, including Alzheimer’s and Dementia. Getting natural blue light in the morning and avoiding blue light and stimulants at night will regulate your circadian rhythm and set you up to have deep, restorative sleep.

  • No one’s brain health is perfect, so don’t live in fear of what could happen to your health. Anything can happen to anybody at anytime, yet there’s always someone that has it worse than you. Don’t wait to take action, especially if it’s to get tests done and prevent future health issues.

Powerful Quotes by Dr. Erik Won

I don’t know that there’s been a time in history where there’s been more reason for hope and more innovation occurring in this space and it’s a pretty exciting time to see what’s unfolding.

Not just on the individual level, but if we start thinking about the family and then the community and then a population-type scale, how much better would this world be if we were functioning better from a neurocognitive perspective?

We really are about innovating and thinking about, dreaming about, what might be perceived as impossible, we’d like to achieve.

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  • Better nutrition made a lot simpler.

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Jan 10, 2022

EFR 564: Why We Started Lifting with Chase Chewning and Maxx Chewning

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Maxx Chewning returns to talk about his ten-year journey in the world of fitness.

The younger Chewning kicks things off by reflecting on his love for fitness. He only started lifting after he was spurred on by his bros in college to hit the gym. It didn’t take long for Maxx’s total disinterest to turn into a daily non-negotiable. “It was something that I made fun of, then got into. It literally changed my entire life.”

Now over a decade into the game, Maxx looks back at the many accomplishments he’s garnered as a powerlifter. He says he’s just about ready to retire from powerlifting now that he’s on the verge of hitting numbers that few at his age and in his weight class have matched.

Overall, Maxx and Chase agree that community has become a stronger priority over hitting PR after PR. Maxx shares how he aims to approach his gym sessions moving forward.

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Key Highlights

  • The moment Maxx fell in love with the weights

  • Why Maxx is just about ready to give up deadlifts and squats for good

  • Chase and Maxx give their thoughts on maintaining your fitness while keeping up with your social life.

Powerful Quotes

Once you see progress in anything, whether through dieting or putting on muscle, once you see a sliver of results, it fuels the fire to continue to get more results because you know what’s possible. ~Maxx

I don’t think age has as much to do with your potential as how long you’ve been in the game. ~Chase

For most people, especially the younger guys, four to five days [of working out] a week is plenty. More doesn’t give you more results. ~Maxx

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Jan 5, 2022

EFR 563: Testing Positive for COVID and Vaccine Opinions

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You read that right--we got COVID! In today's episode, Chase and his wife discuss how they both became infected with omicron and what their experience was like. They also share their thoughts and beliefs around the pandemic, vaccines, and whether the messaging from our government is ideal in an emergency situation such as the current pandemic. Tune in to hear their thoughts and opinions and please remember that we are all learning as we go!


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Jan 3, 2022

EFR 562: Ever Forward... New Beginnings with Chase Chewning and Maxx Chewning

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Maxx Chewning is an entrepreneur, owner of Ever Forward Apparel and Sour Strips candy, content creator, and dogdad to a big, fluffy Goldendoodle named Dood. Maxx is also Chase’s younger brother!

In this episode, Maxx and Chase have a candid discussion about their father’s loss and the uniquely different impacts that it had on their lives. They reflect on their childhood, memories they have of their dad, and how major loss and life events can change family dynamics. Chase also describes his realization of what “ever forward” really means.

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Key Highlights

  • Tragedy, trauma, death, and loss often have a delayed affect on people, especially kids and teenagers. Time and age can make a big difference in healing journeys. Maxx and Chase wish there were more memories they had of their father, but deeply cherish the few memories they have.

  • Their dad was the inspiration for Ever Forward Radio. He was personable, goofy, hard-working, and well loved by his community. Looking at the bigger picture in life, Maxx and Chase strive to make a positive impact on everyone they meet or connect with.

  • Grief can last a long time, so don’t judge yourself if you don’t heal from a loss as quickly as you want or thought you would.

  • Chase talks about his experience trying Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy after his dad’s death. 

Powerful Quotes by Maxx and Chase 

I don’t think I’d be doing this if Dad never passed… Things happened how they happened and that’s what it was. - Maxx

January 2022 has been 17 years and I can honestly say only the last 1-2 years have been the only periods of time where I can confidently say I’ve been dealing with it in a healthy way. Grief takes that long for a lot of people. – Chase

The more you can look at things as neutral overall – this isn’t good, this isn’t bad, it just is – and then you apply meaning out of it, it just saves your sanity. It literally helps you move forward so much. - Chase

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Dec 29, 2021

EFR 561: The Cultural and Ancestral Link Between Superfoods and Longevity

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Chase and his wife May come together again to discuss how culture and local environment play a role in our overall health and wellbeing. They begin by discussing "Blue Zones" around the world, which have the highest population of centenarians due to not only their diets, but their way of living. They then dive into various regions of the world and the foods that are local to them in offering nutritional value well beyond just calories. Finally they explore a few of the many superfoods that you can try to incorporate into your every day diet. 


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Episode resources:

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Dec 27, 2021

EFR 560: Good to Great Using Higher States of Consciousness with Jonathan de Potter

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Jonathan de Potter is the Founder of Behold Retreats, a health and wellness platform that provides holistic plant medicine programs in beautiful, conscious, and soulful locations. He advocates unlocking true human potential by tapping into the inner self using holistic practices and plant medicine, a journey that stemmed from his desire to find his own life's purpose.

In 2016, as an atheist confined in the corporate web, Jonathan took a year off from his full-time job for his first-ever plant medicine retreat in Peru. Humbled by the experience, he started spending more time researching plant medicine, and in the process, realized its connection with the human subconscious and how it helps embody life with more purpose and meaning. Today, he imparts this learning and wisdom as a healing facilitator to help transform the lives of many more people, unlike popular practice that consolidates knowledge into a product or periodic program.

In today's conversation, Jonathan explores what it takes to master the journey of a true healer, including profound connection and surrendering for deeper exploration of the subconscious and conscious realms. Moreover, he intertwines science, culture, and the community's power to explain energetic interactions (that exist beyond your physical body) and talks about using plant-based medicines to intentionally release inherent trauma or lower-level energies to live a more conscious, content life.

But... What if your life is already free of the said trauma and is as happy as you know it? Is there a higher level of self you could experience?

As Jonathan explains, there's a level beyond your present state of consciousness that involves greater trust and confidence in the universe; a life that serves not only you but also inspires the world outside you. That's where energetic healing has the potential to take you.

Key Highlights

  • Psychedelics or holistic medicine are not inherently positive but rather neutral healing methodologies, which, when powered by your intentions, make a fundamental difference in your life.

  • Healing based on plant medicine and conscious self-elevation can only happen if you feel called to it and surrender to your higher vibrations (high levels of consciousness).

  • Your energy field extends beyond your physical body. You affect and are affected by the energies of the people around you.

  • Energy healers help channel your energy in the direction it needs to head. That’s how they help you align with your purpose.

  • The advent of distributed autonomous organizations such as Blockchain could be revolutionary in human history because it represents a new way of doing business where people are the power and the community that governs them.

Notable Quotes from Jonathan

“When we talk about elevating consciousness, when we talk about sustaining a higher state of consciousness, what we're trying to achieve is to harmonize (the) mind, body, heart and spirit into a single vibration. And then we're trying to raise that vibration up into an atomic level, we're trying to reach and sustain that higher vibration.”

“As these powerful emotions are coming to the surface, right from the lower levels of consciousness, so that's all the shame, the guilt, the fear, the grief, the apathy, the anger, the pride, the envy, all of these lower level emotions, and even lower stuff that sits at the other polarity.”

“Disorders are a reflection of a fundamentally lower level of consciousness.”

“Things are perfect as they are, but they can be better.”

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Dec 20, 2021

EFR 559: Ten Ways to Improve Your HRV

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If you’ve been listening to Ever Forward Radio for quite a while now, you would have infallibly come across our discussions focussing HRV or Heart Rate Variability, an essential parameter to measure your heart health and stress levels at any point. While a higher variability of the metric signals that your body can push past strenuous exercises some more, a lower measure is an indication that it needs a break.

Today you’ll explore identified ways to improve your HRV – and all that they demand of you are simple, conscious changes in your everyday habits.

In a host-only episode of Ever Forward Radio, Chase uses his personal story and the science to teach you 10 simple tips that improve HRV. Referencing Mark Van Deusen’s article on Heart Rate Variability (Whoop), he touches on its nervous system origination, significance, stress impact, and applications so you can know why the HRV is a breakthrough metric for wellness. In addition, you’ll learn about the body’s regulatory processes of homeostasis and allostasis that are responsible for maintaining equilibrium despite internal and external changes (both central to your brain’s stress handling mechanism).

For those of you new to the whole HRV study or seeking some of the best toolset, supplements, and product recommendations to start with, Chase also shares the products he personally uses and how they help him in his wellness journey – do not forget to tune in!

Follow Chase on Instagram for more wellness tips @chase_chewning

Key Highlights

  • Training well doesn’t remotely imply overtraining. Smart HRV training involves giving your body enough time to recover to avoid straining.

  • Healthy nutrition at appropriate intervals is essential to maintain your body’s performance and sleep cycles.

  • In a WHOOP estimate, it was found that your hydration levels were in direct proportion to your body’s HRV. When sufficiently hydrated, your HRV levels could increase by 3 milliseconds (an ounce of water per pound is a healthy measure).

  • Alcohol severely suppresses your HRV – by up to 22 ms in just a day’s time.

  • Not only is it true that your body needs sleep, but it’s also true that your body needs to attune to a restorative, consistent sleep cycle.

  • Going outside, soaking in natural sunlight, and watching the daylight and dark are essential mood and HRV boosters. Natural sunlight is also a source of Vitamin D and can improve your alertness.

  • Cold thermogenesis is known to activate the parasympathetic branch of your autonomic nervous system and boost heart rate variability.

  • Controlled breathing helps decrease cortisol levels and aids in heart rate recovery almost immediately.

  • Mindfulness, meditation, and slow breathing are known to improve HRV significantly.

  • Gratitude Journaling induces positive emotions, causes a decrease in stress hormones and blood pressure and can effectively improve your HRV.

  • (Bonus) Tune in to find out!

(PS. Our giveaway is on! Review us on Apple Podcasts to participate – More about it in the episode!)

Notable Quotes

“Not eating close to bedtime within three to four hours will improve the quality of your sleep by allowing your body to focus on other restorative processes instead of digestion.”

“Mindfulness allows us to manage everyday physiological stress by reminding us to be aware and pay attention to the moment when we stress about the future or ruminate about the past.”

“Quality time with people that matter most to you contributes to supporting your emotional health, your mental health. It helps lower cortisol, lower stress, [and also] makes you feel good.”

Episode resources:

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Dec 15, 2021

EFR 558: Biggest Self-Realizations of 2021 with May Yazdi Chewning

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Join Chase and his wife May as they open up candidly about their biggest realizations from 2021 about their relationship with themselves and to each other. Expect to learn very heart-centered lessons of both individual growth as well as from their marriage. The relationships we keep with others of all types are a direct reflection of the one we keep with ourselves, so get ready to learn how to improve your self and your interactions with those around you!


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Challenges suck, but needless to say, they're an inevitable part of life. Whether they're personal or professional, they can strike when you least expect them and leave you feeling helpless and adrift… forcing you into situations you'd have never imagined before. What does it take to pull yourself from back there? How do you not fall apart?

This week, Chase sits with Casey Adams on The Casey Adams Show podcast to revisit his journey as an ex-military man, health coach, and established podcaster, explaining how he reinvented himself continually to chase his passion despite the problems.

Burdened by a queue of stressors post his father's death, Chase battled with himself for years after the tragedy – physically, mentally, and emotionally, including an injury that led to reconstructive surgery in both his hips. The experience had a profound impact on his personal and professional life, and unexpectedly enough, turned it around for the better. Despite the odds, per his father's advice, Chase lives and advocates a life ever forward, one that's led by passion and a desire to do better.

In this discussion, Chase breaks down his journey, explaining the pile-up of challenges and the succession of events that led him to the world of podcasts. Chase explains his uncompromising principles in life and how they've shaped his life's trajectory, the most important being a willingness to continually chase the next big thing and always show up. You'll also hear him break down invaluable podcasting lessons from his own experience – priceless advice from a thriving genius.

Key Highlights

  • Escaping grief could mean you're unknowingly allowing it to manifest into trauma. It's only when you face your fear that you put yourself on the path to overcome it.

  • Sometimes, all you need to do is just go for your dreams or goals. Chase explains how he landed his first podcast sponsor by just going ahead and making an authentic pitch.

  • Tips to get your first few podcast sponsors: dig out the products, services, and the things you love and just reach out, sign up for affiliate programs, or work on creating your personal brand.

  • Tips for new podcasts (and podcasters): think out of the conventional 'downloads idea' – it doesn't matter if you don't become the next Joe Rogan, just record and upload – get over comparison syndrome, know that the price of your podcast equipment isn't everything – whether your mic costs $80 or $200 is not the listeners' intention to know as long as your podcast isn't about it, batch your episode at least two weeks ahead to make sure you're stress-free.

  • How to promote your podcast: be everywhere – on all social media platforms and podcast players, continually engage in your feeds, and choose the best podcast hosting platform.


“I firmly believe that your emotions and your psyche plays a significant role in the physiological manifestation.”

“I'm challenged now to find the right people, to connect with the right people, because there's so many different pockets of people and an energy and vibes and professions and all the things. And I didn't really connect with a lot of them.”

“You may not like the journey, you may not like the ride, but everything is important.”

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