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In this solo episode, I breakdown scientific evidence from the world of psychology to help lay the framework for what having a growth mindset actually means and what it looks like in your personal and professional lives. Also, I share the three places where your mindset is most likely stuck (because mine was, and once I figured out why my growth has been exponential.)

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Do you want to live to 100? Does having a long, healthy, and meaningful life even sound possible these days? Listen in as Dr. Gladys McGarey, MD, an inspiring centenarian, shares her invaluable wisdom on how to have a fulfilling existence, moving forward through life's darkest moments, and her contributions to the holistic medicine profession. She illuminates us with her insights on recognizing our unique place in the world by seeking "the light". Her perspectives are not just about survival but about truly thriving and healing. Her thought-provoking talk on physical activity and how it has been an integral part of her longevity will make you rethink your daily movement goals. 

Dr. Gladys McGarey is a renowned medical pioneer who has dedicated her life to exploring the possibilities of medicine and educating people about Living Medicine. As the only female cofounder of the American Holistic Medical Association in 1977, Dr. Gladys has gained global recognition for her groundbreaking contributions. With her profound knowledge and visionary insights, she continues to lead the way in the next paradigm shift in medicine. Dr. Gladys has authored four books and has spoken at TEDx, showcasing her extraordinary wisdom.

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In this episode, you will learn...

  • Why Dr. Gladys McGarry emphasizes the significance of finding purpose daily as a crucial aspect of a fulfilling life.

  • The role of laughter, love, and positivity: The episode shares the insight of facing adversities with a positive attitude, finding joy in simple things and harnessing the power of love for healing and living a fulfilling life.

  • Physical activity and its link to longevity: Dr. McGarry explains the integral role of physical activity 

  • The Five L's for a fulfilling life: Love, Life, Laughter, Labor, and Listening for a satisfying life.

  • Humans as caregivers of the earth: Gladys explains the importance of recognizing our role as caregivers of the earth, prompting listeners to reevaluate their daily habits and behaviors towards the environment.


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Ever wondered how addiction can paradoxically coexist with high performance? Enter Mike Diamond, an inspiring recovering addict, is here to unearth the realities of addiction and the illusion of control it creates, even amidst an extraordinary performance. Mike's story is a true testament to the deceptive nature of addiction and the power of choice to take control of your life.

Mike dives into themes of personal growth, self-discovery, and the significance of embracing the present. Even touching upon spiritual and philosophical tools like Buddhism and stoicism to find balance, and the impact of physical activities like deep stretching and yoga to channel the energy of trauma into healthier outlets. We also explore the transformative power of empowering others, releasing expectations, and the profound influence of small, meaningful conversations.

This episode is not merely about the dark side of life - it's more about the redemption, the reclamation, and the transformation. With the insights from this episode, you will be better equipped to understand, empathize, and perhaps help someone who's battling their demons, or perhaps, fight your own.

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In this episode, you will learn...

  • Addiction can often be disguised behind high performance, leading to a dangerous illusion of control. Individuals struggling with addiction can often still perform at high levels, making it difficult to recognize.

  • The importance of self-discovery and healing in overcoming addiction cannot be overstated. This process often involves facing uncomfortable past experiences and finding healthier ways to channel energy and cope with trauma.

  • The power of small, meaningful interactions and acts of kindness can have a profound impact on your life and the lives of others.

  • Creatives, artists, and entrepreneurs can be particularly prone to addiction. Understanding this can help in identifying potential issues and finding balance in life.

  • Confronting addiction and changing behaviors requires an understanding of your own habits and the ability to distinguish between needs and wants.


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What is consciousness? What is God? Who are we? What is our purpose? How do we truly heal? Prepare to navigate the mysteries of our minds and beyond with esteemed guest and personal friend, Dr. Randy Scharlach, MD. In this episode, we dissect the inner workings of our identities, emotions, and perception of life and death.

Our conversation takes us from the modern science of consciousness to the ancient traditions and practices that allow us to access the divine. With Randy's unique medical experiences, we venture into the transformative world of psychedelic medicines, their profound influence on our understanding of the world, and quantum theory's significant implications on our perception of consciousness.

Randy also shares his experiences as an oncologist and as a psychedelic practitioner in dealing with trauma and loss. Join us as we discuss the future of consciousness exploration!

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In this episode, you will learn...

  • Consciousness is a complex, multidimensional concept that is intricately linked to our identities, emotions, and perception of life and death. Understanding consciousness can be a lifelong journey, but can also lead to profound personal transformation.

  • Quantum theories suggest that our perceived physical reality might be an illusion, with the true fundamental reality being a field of consciousness that permeates the universe. 

  • The exploration of consciousness through psychedelic medicines can provide unique insights and transformative experiences. These altered states of consciousness can help individuals connect with their inner selves and can even help in transforming trauma into spiritual growth.

  • The division between science and religion, often referred to as the Cartesian split, has led to resistance in the scientific community to ideas of consciousness as a fundamental reality.

  • The concept of God in the context of consciousness can be interpreted as the entirety of the universe, and our individual consciousness is a part of this universal consciousness, suggesting that our individual experiences are a way for this universal consciousness, or God, to experience the world.


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Have you ever wondered about the impact our ever-increasing reliance on technology has on our health and environment? This episode sheds light on this crucial issue along with repeat guest Darin Olien. Together, we unravel the complexities of electromagnetic frequencies and their implications on our health, from cellular stress responses to the foreboding reality of lowered testosterone levels. Darin also highlights the urgent need to shift towards a sustainable home and poses challenging but realistic alternatives to our daily living that will not only keep us healthier but reduce our carbon footprint and create healthier communities.

Fatal conveniences are the toxic products we routinely use and the unhealthy things we do that our culture and corporations have made us believe are safe and necessary for living well and efficiently. These things—from deodorant, cosmetics, dental floss, and sunscreen to laundry detergent, air fresheners, carpets, and crayons to candles, tea bags, cell phones, and chewing gum—are ubiquitous in daily life . . . and they are wreaking havoc on our health and our planet. The environmental toxins found in these products create a cascade of problems, including chemical sensitivities, auto-immune issues, obesity, chronic health diseases, and more.

But it's not just about what we put in or on our bodies, we explore the profound impact our decisions can have on our personal growth and the world around us. Darin underscores the importance of connecting with others, caring for ourselves, and living purposefully. Dare to challenge fear, choose love instead, and transform your life one decision at a time.

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In this episode, you will learn...

  • The dangers of technology on your health and environment, particularly the impact of electromagnetic radiation from wireless devices on our wellbeing.

  • The complexity of sustainable coffee production and the importance of preserving the beneficial properties of the coffee fruit.

  • The risks associated with greenwashing and the importance of making informed decisions about the products and information we consume.

  • The significance of meaningful connections and purposeful living, and the impact of mindful decision-making on your personal growth and the environment.

  • The power of choice and its role in shaping your everyday lives, with emphasis on how minor, informed decisions can lead to significant changes in our lives and the world around us.


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Step into an exploration of masculinity and personal identity that promises to challenge your perception and expand your understanding of what it means to be a provider, a respected community member, and a modern man. My conversation with Adam Lane Smith promises to uncover the societal and personal rules that define us as men and investigates the struggle of staying authentic amidst external influences. 

Adam is a transformative force in the field of personal development and relationships. Leveraging years of professional experience as a licensed psychotherapist, he has honed his craft as a highly sought-after Attachment Specialist and personal coach.

From hardworking blue-collar families seeking to mend marital discord, to high-power executives striving for harmony in parenting, to millionaire CEOs navigating the intricate world of dating, Adam’s profound insights and advice have proven invaluable time and again.

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In this episode, you will learn...

  • The importance of exploring and understanding personal masculinity, including how external influences, such as fashion, can communicate our identity.

  • The significance of male bonding, the role it plays in shaping individual identity, and the consequences of its absence such as feelings of loneliness and isolation.

  • An insight into gender roles, relationships, and the often misconstrued concept of 'mansplaining', as well as a historical overview of the roles men and women have adopted in society.

  • The role of masculine and feminine energies in society and how a man needs to abide by his morals and values to maintain relationships.

  • The importance of accountability in cultivating strong relationships, the transformative power of fatherhood, and how to break free from the 'Nice Guy Syndrome'.

Episode resources:

Want to learn how to quiet the constant chatter in your head and make decisions from a place of heart-centered wisdom? Tune into this enlightening conversation with Light Watkins, who has spent the past five years living out of a carry-on bag and pioneering a lifestyle of spiritual minimalism. Yeah!

We dive deep into his transformative journey and explore how you, too, can make a commitment to minimalism to enrich your life, foster deeper relationships, and lead you to fulfillment.

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In this episode, you will learn...

  • How spiritual minimalism is a powerful tool that aids in aligning our hearts with our heads, promoting intentionality and purpose in our lives

  • How meditation can help you reduce stress, shifting you from a self-centered perspective to a more inclusive one

  • Your happiness is not about the monetary riches we amass, but about the quality of the relationships you share our lives with

  • How overcoming the fear of other's opinions is key to living an authentic life

  • Why cultivating an appreciation for the present moment can lead to better performance and contentment in everyday activities

  • Relationships and friendships require a give and take, and the natural tendency is to wait for the other person to go first. This perspective needs to be reframed for healthy relationships.

  • How your perceived limitations can often hold us back from achieving our goals. By understanding your own journey and recognizing our individual steps, we can achieve your dreams.

  • Your beliefs can either empower or disempower us. We need to make choices that create a more adventurous and fulfilling life.

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Shawn Stevenson shares shocking statistics, stories, and studies that illustrate the current state of human health and wellness in America. He is also here to give you the action steps and solutions necessary to drive healthier choices and live a life Ever Forward.

Shawn Stevenson is a renowned fitness and nutrition expert, author of the best-selling books, Eat Smarter and Sleep Smarter, and host of The Model Health Show, a #1 ranked health podcast. Shawn recently launched a new science-backed cookbook, Eat Smarter Family Cookbook, which contains 100 delicious recipes plus cutting-edge science to support your family's health.

Shawn sheds light on the unethical practices of big pharmaceutical companies, discuss the mind-body connection and its influence on our metabolic health, and how it can lead to significant changes in our body fat distribution. He also navigates through the alarming rise in obesity and diabetes in the US and highlight inspiring individuals who've managed their health conditions through proper nutrition and lifestyle.

This episode also explores the potential dangers of convenience, such as the chemical compound PFOA found in Teflon and other common cookware, and its linked health risks.

Want to create a culture of health and longevity in your family and community? Tune in and take notes!

For thriving, and for really being able to enjoy life, you’re going to have to open yourself up, you’re going to have to trust, and you’re going to have to serve and give. That’s what tribe is really about.

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Key Highlights

  • Why relationships and food are key drivers of health and well-being

  • Practical action steps we can take to prevent and solve modern health issues

  • How to create a culture of optimal health and longevity in yourself, your family, and community

  • How do you honor your mind through taking care of your body?

  • How to leverage fear and discomfort to transform your life

  • How to reframe your view of self-care, boost resilience, and live longer.

  • Ultra-Processed vs. Processed Food: Why you should know the difference

  • The real (data-proven) problems with our pharmaceutical industry

  • Shocking scientific studies including “Personality Changes Following Heart Transplantation: The Role of Cellular Memory”


Episode resources

Dr. Casey Means, MD is back to share her perspective of thinking of ourselves as a parent to our 37 trillion cells, caring for them and providing them with what they need to create happiness, energy, and creativity. We unpack how mitochondrial health is key to having a strong life force and how you can live for your mitochondria health every day.

We cover food, movement, stress management, environmental toxins, and circadian rhythm as levers to support your cellular health. We also talk about metabolic dysfunction and weight loss, addressing the potential risks of quick-fix weight loss options like Ozempic, and the importance of muscle in reducing inflammation and processing glucose. Not to mention the profound impact of psychological health, fear, loneliness, and exercise on metabolic health.

Casey is the Chief Medical Officer and Co-Founder of Levels, a metabolic health education and technology company giving users unparalleled insight into their blood sugar levels and how to make better nutrition and lifestyle choices.

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In this episode you will learn...

  • The importance of mitochondria, the energy-producing structures in our cells

  • The negative impact of modern Western lifestyle and ways to counteract this through everyday choices, such as diet, stress management, and environmental toxins

  • The link between metabolic dysfunction and weight gain, with a closer look at quick-fix weight loss solutions and their potential risks like GLP1 "Ozempic"

  • The role of muscle in reducing inflammation and processing glucose

  • The psychological effects of fear, loneliness, and exercise on wellbeing

  • How even simple activities can significantly impact metabolic health and how intense exercise can affect blood sugar levels

  • The connection between soil health and the quality of our food

  • Potential benefits of regenerative farming and organic food

  • The importance of consuming whole, unprocessed foods to support the machinery that converts food into energy in our bodies

  • Negative effects of overloading the body with ultra-processed food


Episode resources:

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Are you aware of the intricate relationship between light, health, and spirituality?

This fascinating episode takes you on a journey across the world and through personal experiences, highlighting the profound influence of light on our wellbeing and spiritual life.

Joined by Matt Maruca, a seasoned solo traveler with a wealth of knowledge, we reminisce about our solo travels, sharing the lessons learned and profound insights gained. One of the central themes we touch on is the spiritual practices of manifestation and surrender. These principles connect religions worldwide, emphasizing the importance of strong relationships for overall happiness.

A large part of our conversation revolves around the influence of sun exposure on our wellness and happiness. We explore how different cultures across the globe harness the health benefits of sunlight. While debunking myths around blue light glasses, we delve into the science of how different types of light impact our circadian rhythms.

Our conversation takes an intriguing turn when we start discussing the role of light in human health. From the evolution of hair loss to the emergence of healthier light sources, Matt enlightens us on the impact of light on our physical wellbeing. He provides an interesting perspective on how colored light could create a therapeutic environment.

The conversation rounds off with a reflection on the power of meditation and the significance of feeling whole from within. We discuss the importance of surrendering to love and how it can aid healing. We also touch on the discipline of sacrificing lower-level motion for higher-level motion – a test we all face.

Two specific chapters of our conversation worth highlighting are 'Light's Significance for Health and Spirituality' and 'Sun Exposure's Impact on Happiness'.

This episode is a treasure trove of insights that interconnect our spiritual lives, health, and relationships in surprising ways. We invite you to join us on this enlightening journey. It promises to change the way you view the world, relationships, and most importantly, yourself.

Follow Matt and Ra Optics @thelightdiet Follow Chase @chase_chewning

Key Highlights

  • Power of light for health and the spiritual connection it has with our lives is explored, revealing how different cultures around the world are connected by this common element.

  • Importance of developing strong relationships for overall health and happiness is discussed, highlighting the significance of family and community values.

  • Benefits and challenges of solo travel are explored, with emphasis on the level of self-trust and self-love that can be developed through such experiences.

  • The practices of manifestation and surrender, common in religions worldwide, are discussed as methods for attracting desired outcomes and surrendering to a greater will.

  • Biological and health benefits of natural sunlight are examined, revealing how different cultures harness its benefits for their wellbeing.

  • Myths around blue light blocking glasses are debunked, revealing the effects of different kinds of light on our circadian rhythms.

  • Theories behind why humans lost their hair and how it relates to the absorption of light are examined, providing a unique perspective on human evolution.

  • Potential of colored light to create a more therapeutic environment is discussed, introducing an innovative approach to health and wellbeing.

  • Importance of feeling whole from within and how it can lead to healing is highlighted, emphasizing the power of inner abundance.

  • Role of light in human health is explored in depth, discussing everything from its impact on our circadian rhythms to its potential therapeutic uses.

Episode resources:

  • Listen to Matt's first appearance on EF Radio in episode 361

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Immerse yourself in my discussion today with Polina Pompliano on resilience, decision making, and the power of the mind in handling unexpected situations. She shares strategies from industry leaders, astronauts, moguls, and entrepreneurs  to maintain control during challenging circumstances, the impact on our identities, content diets, and how to build lasting resilience and confidently make important decisions. This episode offers a wealth of insights for anyone seeking to embark on a journey of personal growth and self-discovery. By harnessing creativity, building resilience, and shaping our identities, we can navigate through adversity and become the best versions of ourselves.

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Key Highlights

  • Creativity and Breaking Rules

  • Building Mental Toughness and Overcoming Challenges

  • Building Resilience and Making Decisions

  • Navigating Risk and Shaping Identity

  • Becoming More Rational

Episode resources:

Negotiation is a daily part of our lives, whether we realize it or not. We negotiate in our personal relationships, in business, and even with ourselves. In this episode, I am bringing back an interview from the vault! In 2017 I sat down with Chris Voss, a former FBI officer and renowned negotiator and author of the incredible book Never Split the Difference, to delve into the art of negotiation.

Chris' journey from a SWAT team member to a crisis responder is laden with valuable life lessons. His experiences range from the intense world of hostage negotiation to the emotionally charged role of volunteering at a suicide hotline. The insights gained from these experiences can transform the way we approach everyday conversations and negotiations.

A key concept discussed in the episode is the principle of mirroring - a powerful tool for building rapport in negotiations. Rather than overpowering your counterpart, the strategy is to offer them an illusion of control. This is achieved by skillfully reflecting their thoughts, feelings, and desires back at them.

The episode also explores the concept of 'tactical empathy', where understanding and vocalizing the perspective of the other person opens up a path to their world. The power of empathy in negotiations cannot be understated. It can help adjust emotions, overcome negative barriers, and make or break a deal.

Another interesting concept dissected is the Black Swan Theory. According to this theory, 'unexpected events' can drastically shift the trajectory of a negotiation. Chris brings this theory to life with a real-life example featuring his son's negotiation with an airline representative. This story demonstrates how these negotiation tactics can be beneficial in everyday interactions, not just high-stakes scenarios.

In conclusion, the essence of successful negotiation lies in collaboration and empathy. By mastering these skills, you can transform your conversations, enhance your negotiation skills, and achieve more positive outcomes in all areas of your life.

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Key Highlights

  • The Art of Negotiation and Mirroring

  • The Power of Mirroring in Communication

  • Skills for Mirroring and Negotiation

  • The Power of Empathy in Negotiation

  • Negotiation Strategies and Black Swan Theory

  • Hiding Cards, Finding Black Swans

  • Power of Collaborative Success

Episode resources:

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