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Unlock the secrets to revitalizing sleep with health coach and sleep expert, Anna Marie Schick, ACE CHC who joins us to reveal how a few simple adjustments in your daily life can lead to transformational nights of rest. No more groggy mornings or restless nights, listen in as we uncover the surprising ways your environment, habits, and biological rhythms can conspire to either sabotage or save your sleep. From the significance of light and temperature to the misunderstood cues your body is desperate for you to decode, this episode is your roadmap to restful nights and energized days.

If you've ever wondered about how to take the perfect nap, struggled with a partner's sleep patterns, or found yourself chugging coffee just to make it through the day, this conversation is your wake-up call. Anna Marie guides us through the cultural conundrums and personal preferences that shape our sleep, offering wisdom on napping, Non-Sleep Deep Rest, and embracing our unique chronotypes. We also tackle the challenges couples face with mismatched sleep cycles and share strategies for harmonizing your habits without compromising anyone's shut-eye. Are you ready to elevate your sleep game and, with it, your overall health and productivity?

This episode digs into the nitty-gritty of sleep stages, the impact of sleep aids and supplements, and the delicate dance of managing caffeine for optimal z's. Anna Marie doesn't hold back, equipping you with the tools and knowledge to craft your personal slumber strategy that goes beyond counting sheep. It's time to take control of your nights to truly own your days, starting with this enlightening discussion.

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In this episode we discuss...

(00:00) Optimizing Sleep Quality Through Simple Lifestyle Hacks

(05:17) Improve Sleep With Light and Temperature

(17:23) Optimizing Sleep Through Temperature and Light

(25:27) Are We Meant to Nap? How to Nap?

(34:35) Understanding Sleep Health and Optimization

(46:52) The Types and Importance of Sleep Cycles

(53:12) Optimizing Sleep Quality and Duration

(01:00:52) How Your Health Suffers From Poor Sleep

(01:14:53) Making a Sleep Routine and Rules for Caffeine Intake

(01:22:57) Cutting-Edge Sleep Technology


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Previous Episodes

Unlock the secrets to limitless health as Dr. Casey Means, MD returns to share groundbreaking insights from her new book, "Good Energy: The Surprising Connection Between Metabolism and Limitless Health." Learn how our metabolism is intricately linked to our well-being, and how our modern diet and environmental factors could be chipping away at our cellular vitality. This episode is a revelation that exposes the disturbing prevalence of metabolic dysfunction in the U.S., drawing a clear line between the food we eat, the diseases we battle, and the choices we make every day.

Dr. Casey and I scrutinize the seismic shifts in nutrition, sleep, and physical activity, revealing how these changes have hijacked our body's natural processes. We uncover the hidden battle our cells fight against diseases and how aligning our day-to-day choices with our biological requirements is not just a choice but a necessity for longevity and vibrant health. This discussion extends to the pervasive impact of environmental toxins and how we need to forge a holistic path towards physical and mental well-being, sharing personal strategies to manage mental health through modalities ranging from traditional therapy to breathwork.

Finally, we illuminate the path to understanding our metabolic health through the lens of insulin, mitochondria, and biomarkers. Casey truly offers a beacon of hope, showing us how simple lifestyle adjustments can revolutionize our health trajectory in less than a month. This conversation is an empowering guide that encourages you to live fearlessly, to nurture meaningful connections, and to make choices that resonate with the molecular language of your body, unlocking a world brimming with good energy.

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In this episode we discuss...

(00:00) What Causes Bad Energy in the Body

(12:22) Impact of Modern Lifestyles on Health

(16:51) Environmental Toxins Keeping You Sick

(21:16) Getting to the Root Causes of Chronic Illness

(29:17) Understanding Metabolic Health Through Key Biomarkers

(36:23) Battling Cellular Dysfunction

(47:30) Updating Medicine and the Healthcare System

(52:49) Relationship of Mitochondria, Fear, and Safety

(01:00:43) Optimizing Health Through Simple Lifestyle Choices

(01:06:15) Power of Meditation For Overall Health


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What is the purpose of life? Does science have any claim to this question? For generations, many have concluded that evolution implies there is no overarching purpose to our existence. Life has no fundamental meaning. We are merely the accumulation of tens of thousands of intricate molecular accidents. Some scientists take this logic one step further: “The fact of evolution is … inherently atheistic… It goes against the notion that there is a God.”

But is this true?

By integrating emerging principles from a variety of scientific disciplines—ranging from evolutionary biology to psychology—Yale Professor Samuel Wilkinson provides a framework of evolution that implies not only that there is an overarching purpose to our existence, but what this purpose is.

Closely related to purpose is meaning. What is the meaning of life? Based on the scientific data, it would seem that one such meaning is to develop deep and abiding relationships. At least that’s what most people report are the most meaningful aspects of their lives. And our relationships that are most meaningful are those with our families, those with whom we share our genes. This is a function of our evolution. It is how we were created.

Embark on a profound exploration of the human condition as Sam and I unravel the complexities of our existence. We offer a rare glimpse into the nuanced interplay between evolution, human nature, and theology. You'll be captivated by our discussion on the dualities we carry within us—selfishness versus altruism, cruelty versus compassion—and how these are reflective of an evolutionary dance, tested through the enigma of free will.

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In this episode we discuss...

(00:00) Evolution, Purpose and Human Nature

(08:22) Blending Science and Religion

(16:11) The Wonders of Evolution and Life

(27:26) Future Evolution of Human Culture

(34:28) Meaning of Human Nature and Life

(44:41) The Importance of Relationships for Happiness

(51:14) Exploring Other Interpretations to the Meaning of Life

(57:47) Importance of Interactions and Ever Forward

(01:02:35) Overcoming Weaknesses and Evolution


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About the guest: Samuel T. Wilkinson is Associate Professor of Psychiatry at Yale University, where he also serves as Associate Director of the Yale Depression Research Program. He received his MD from Johns Hopkins School of Medicine. His articles have been featured in the New York Times, the Washington Post, and the Wall Street Journal.

Ever wondered how that wilted lettuce in the back of your fridge could be the unsung hero of your next meal? Join me as Carleigh Bodrug from "Plant You" drops by to unearth the transformative power of 'scrappy cooking'. By turning our kitchen scraps into culinary gold, we're not just spicing up our meals but also taking a stand against the global issue of food waste. Carleigh's creative kitchen mindset isn't just about tantalizing your taste buds; it's a journey towards sustainable living that nurtures our bodies and the planet.

As we peel back the layers of our dietary habits, Carleigh and I discuss the critical, yet often ignored, role of fiber in maintaining our health. It's time to shift the spotlight from protein to the unsung hero of our plates – fiber. Sharing our personal nutrition paths, this conversation invites you in to reflect on how the foods we choose can impact not just our own vitality, but the ecological footprint we leave behind.

Rounding out our discussion, we serve up a feast of ideas for repurposing food scraps into delicious meals that will have you rethinking what you toss in the trash. From inventive ways to save spinach to whipping up a comforting 'clean-out-the-fridge' ramen, these kitchen hacks promise to elevate your cooking game.

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In this episode we discuss...

(00:00) Revolutionizing Food Waste and Healthy Eating

(13:03) Importance of Nourishing Your Body

(16:16) The Importance of Fiber in Diets

(23:34) The Mind-Blowing Impact of Food Waste

(36:09) Improving Lifestyle Through Food Choices

(44:31) Innovative Scrappy Cooking

(53:19) Creative Ways to Reduce Food Waste

(01:03:39) Creative and Easy Cooking Ideas for First Date and Hangovers


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When stress knocks at your door, how do you answer? Jeff Krasno, the visionary behind "Good Stress" and CEO of Commune Media, joins me to unravel the intricacies of our body's response to stress and how, counterintuitively, it can be a powerful ally in our quest for wellness. We dissect the symbiotic relationship between cortisol—the misunderstood hormone—and eustress, revealing how the right kind of stressors can strengthen our resilience and propel us towards growth.

As we navigate the maze of modern life, chronic stress has become a silent epidemic, taking a toll on nearly half of Americans. Our discussion takes a deep dive into the hormonal whirlwind triggered by stress, examining its effects on blood glucose, the immune system, and gut health. Yet, beyond these physical manifestations, we explore the delicate dance between environmental triggers and our personal narratives that contribute to stress. Unearthing findings from Commune's vast surveys, Jeff provides a panoramic view of the stress landscape, helping us chart a course through the stormy waters of anxiety and tension.

The journey doesn't end with recognition; it's about transformation. Through personal anecdotes, such as my own experience with fasting, resistance training, and the power of mindset, we uncover practical strategies for not just managing stress, but mastering it. From the unexpected benefits of squats to embracing the heat of a sauna blanket, we discuss how these tools not only temper our stress response but rewire our brains for enduring health. So, join us as we turn the tables on stress, learning to harness it as a force for profound personal change and wellness.

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In this episode we discuss...

(00:00) Understanding and Embracing Stress

(07:32) Understanding the Impact of Chronic Stress

(19:18) Exploring Health, Fasting, and the Role Mindset Plays on Managing Stress

(30:52) Navigating Difficult Conversations With Empathy

(41:04) Finding Connection and Managing Adversity

(49:10) Resistance Training and Mind Optimization

(59:44) Optimizing Stress for Your Health and Wellness


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Imagine carrying a relentless storm of anxiety, compelled by thoughts that clash with your core values—a reality for many living with Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder. Joined by Stephen Smith, CEO and Co-Founder of NOCD, we confront the cold truth about OCD, unmasking the fears and secretive struggles that countless individuals endure. Gone are the misconceptions and casual stigmas; instead, our conversation serves as a beacon of understanding and a call to action for heightened awareness and empathy.

This episode offers firsthand narratives and expert insights into the labyrinth of OCD subtypes, from harm-based to relationship OCD. We discuss the transformative effect of specialized treatment, particularly exposure response prevention (ERP), and how it stands as a testament to hope for those grappling with this disorder. Stephen's journey with NOCD shines a light on the importance of immediate, accessible support, detailing how ERP is revolutionizing care by meeting people where they are, amidst their deepest fears.

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In this episode we discuss...

(00:00) Understanding Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder

(12:18) Understanding and Treating Different OCD Subtypes

(18:54) Understanding OCD and Effective Treatment

(26:51) OCD Treatment and Co-Morbid Conditions

(34:38) Improving Access to OCD Treatment

(39:45) Accessing OCD Treatment With NoCD

(48:43) Access NoCD Resources for Mental Health


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Unlock the secrets of the mind with Peter Crone, the "mind architect" renowned for his transformative insights, and experience a shift in consciousness that could forever alter your perception of personal limitations. Our conversation will challenge everything you know about the subconscious barriers that dictate your life's trajectory. Join us on a journey through the deepest realms of self-awareness, where we confront the survival mechanisms that hold us back and embrace the boundless potential within.

In this episode, we tackle the complexities of self-confidence, the seductive nature of suffering, and the intricate dynamics of our personal relationships. Peter's insight is a testament to the human spirit's remarkable capacity for change, and he examines the stories we tell ourselves and the self-fulfilling prophecies that shape our existence. With Peter's guidance, we cast a light on the transformative role of mental well-being, equipping you with strategies to overcome negative self-talk and to seize the power of choice, liberating your true self from the invisible chains of the past.

Through personal anecdotes and philosophical debate, we explore the potential for evolution within every relationship, the significance of presence and focus in life, and the profound realization that addressing life's problems lies not in solving them, but in dissolving the perspectives that create them. This episode is an invitation to a life of greater freedom, purpose, and fulfillment.

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In this episode we discuss...

(08:18 - 09:33) Understanding and Cultivating Confidence

(16:13 - 17:07) Unpacking Forgiveness

(35:12 - 37:04) Identity Formation Through Childhood Experiences

(38:50 - 39:54) Power of Choice and Quantum Connection

(53:05 - 54:24) How to Consciously Overcome Obstacles

(57:22 - 58:22) Fitness Analogies and Self-Acceptance

(01:04:05 - 01:05:28) Staying Present and Enhancing Focus

(01:09:37 - 01:10:43) Emotional Attachment to History and Identity

(01:17:07 - 01:18:10) Self-Reflection and Growth

(01:21:34 - 01:23:33) Ever Forward


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Ever felt like your brain could use a jumpstart to break free from the mundane? Jeff Karp, PhD joins me to unravel the marvels of neuroplasticity and the transformative LIT method. Together, we dissect the brain's innate ability to shift from a state of lethargy to one brimming with creativity and action. Dr. Karp, a pioneer in regenerative medicine, shares his expertise on restoring our bodies to peak function and equips us with practical tools to energize our minds. From the healing embrace of nature to redefining our relationship with fear and failure, we delve into habits that can significantly enhance our cognitive and emotional landscape.

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In this episode we discuss...

(00:00) What Is Neuroplasticity?

(15:11) Mindfulness and Intention MATTER

(25:40) Benefits of Nature Connection

(30:42) Unlocking Potential Through the LIT Method

(36:59) Rediscovering Life After Obstacles and Maintaining Priorities Through Adversity

(41:55) Unlocking Potential Through Small Steps

(52:29) Practicing Gratitude and Disrupting Patterns

(01:02:28) Innovative Technologies in Healthcare and Healthspan

(01:10:54) Navigating Failure and Radical Simplicity

(01:24:33) Ever Forward


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Ever wondered how the teeming world within our gut impacts everything from our mood to our metabolism? Today, we sit down with microbiome expert Dr. Colleen Cutcliffe, PhD to explore the hidden universe of our gut health. We unravel the complexities of the microbiome, emphasizing the importance of bacteria, viruses, and fungi in metabolizing the food we eat. Colleen shines a light on the common misconceptions about probiotics, prebiotics, and postbiotics, and why selecting high-quality supplements is crucial for optimal gut health. Together, we investigate the powerful influence of gut health on metabolic control and discuss the surprising connection between our gut and brain through the gut-brain axis.

The journey continues as we delve into the importance of probiotic diversity and the potential of specific strains like Akkermansia muciniphila in regulating our gut lining and metabolism. We challenge the pitfalls of discount health shopping and acknowledge the harsh truth about alcohol's effects on our gut. Reflecting on the evolution of technology, we draw parallels to the necessity of innovation in healthcare and the significant impact our lifestyle choices have on the microbial ecosystems within us.

Colleen and I also share personal stories that underscore the motivations behind prioritizing wellness and the dramatic growth of the microbiome field. From overcoming physical adversity to improving mental well-being, we illustrate the direct connection between our physical gut health and our mental state. Moreover, we touch on the potential of the microbiome in understanding and treating neurological diseases like Parkinson's and Alzheimer's.

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In this episode we discuss...

(00:00) Basic Understanding Gut Health and Microbiome

(13:17) What to Look For When Supplementing; What Works and What is a Waste of Your Money

(16:50) Innovation (or lack thereof) of Gut Health Standards

(24:16) Most Important Microbiome Strains

(34:52) The Connection Between Gut Health and Metabolism

(45:52) Gut Health Impact on Mental Well-Being

(55:43) Gut Connection to Neurological Diseases

(58:59) Ever Forward


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Join me as I welcome the incredible Liz Letchford, transformational artist and founder of Body Church, to this captivating conversation about sensuality, art, and healing. Listen in as Liz unravels her story of embracing the full spectrum of our inner experiences and how our personal narratives shape not just our minds, but our physical bodies. She artfully bridges the gap between the academic understanding of the body's capabilities and the more intuitive, healing aspects of sensation and storytelling, guiding us to uncover the healing potential that lies within our own sensuality.

In our discussion, we delve into the magnetic power of presence and the language our bodies speak through vibration. Liz's insights into how our emotions shape our physiological state are not just thought-provoking but potentially life-changing. From the significance of breathwork to the transformative effects of confronting personal trauma, this episode is a masterclass in emotional awareness and body consciousness.

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In this episode we discuss...

(00:00) Unlocking Sensuality Through Artistic Expression

(05:57) Surrendering for Self-Exploration and Healing

(13:32) Sensual Healing Modalities

(26:57) Emotional Healing Through Body Awareness

(35:26) Processing Trauma by Using Physical Expression

(47:45) Body Language and Presence Power

(59:19) Embracing Your Authentic Expression


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This episode is brought to you by Blokes, Joi and BIOptimizers.

Imagine the power of a simple molecule coursing through your veins, holding the key to longevity, peak performance, and a fortress-like defense against cardiovascular disease. Nobel Laureate Dr. Louis Ignarro returns to unveil the wonders of nitric oxide (NO), a molecule his research helped bring into the health spotlight. With insights into its impact on conditions from diabetes to erectile dysfunction, Dr. Ignarro discusses how NO isn't just a part of our biology—it's a vital protector of it.

This episode isn't just about groundbreaking science; it's a treasure trove of practical advice. We discover the astonishing connection between humming and NO levels and delve into how diet—from the antioxidant-rich Mediterranean diet to the scrutinized carnivore diet—plays a pivotal role in NO production. But it's not all about what you eat; we also cover the effects of nasal breathing techniques and why something as simple as mouth tape could revolutionize the way you sleep.

Lastly, we look to the horizon of medical innovation, where the potential for inhaled nitric oxide therapy shines bright—not just for newborns in distress but for severe COVID-19 cases and beyond. Dr. Ignarro's insights are a testament to the molecule's versatility, with possibilities extending into performance enhancement for athletes and the development of on-demand NO generation devices.

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In this episode we discuss...

(00:00) Understanding Nitric Oxide and Health

(04:42) The Importance of Nitric Oxide

(18:23) Signs of Magnesium Deficiency and Nutrition

(23:58) Debunking Carnivore Diet and Mediterranean Diet

(37:06) Inhaled Nitric Oxide for Respiratory Treatment

(42:01) Inhaled Nitric Oxide for COVID

(48:31) The Role of Nitric Oxide in the Body

(59:13) How to Boost NO Production Through Diet and Breathing

(01:13:05) Benefits of Nitric Oxide and Humming

(01:21:29) Healthy Living for Longevity


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Have you ever paused to consider your relationship with alcohol? Mark McTavish, co-founder of Pulp Culture and 101 Cider, joins us to turn the convention on its head by introducing the practice of mindful drinking. Mark shares his philosophy of "drink better," which invites us to approach alcohol with the same care as our diet—focusing on quality and appreciation over mindless consumption. As we navigate the often misunderstood world of alcoholic beverages, we're encouraged to cultivate a deeper understanding of fermentation, its natural role in developing rich flavors, and how it can positively shift our drinking habits.

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In this episode we discuss...

(00:00) Exploring How to Drink Better

(13:22) The Misleading World of Alcohol Labeling

(22:37) Alcohol in Different Cultures

(31:21) Skin Care and Alcohol Awareness

(36:58) Functional Mushroom Bioavailability and Consumer Awareness

(48:09) The Consumer's Power of Choice in Alcohol

(01:00:21) Longevity, Relationships, and Alcohol Consumption

(01:13:14) Ever Forward


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