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What if you could achieve your dream body using just minimal tools and a small amount of time each day? Join us as we chat with health, fitness, and nutrition expert Joey Thurman, who shares his "minimum method" for setting realistic goals and making sustainable changes to your lifestyle. Joey's journey through his multifaceted career and battles with clinical depression serves as an inspiring backdrop to his insights on fat loss, muscle maintenance, and the power of self-appreciation and honesty.

Throughout the interview, Joey delves into the importance of mindfulness and the detrimental effects of digital distractions on our well-being. Joey's approach to health optimization also touches on accessible methods for addressing gastrointestinal distress and the foundational aspects of sleep, hunger, recovery, energy, digestion, and stress, all of which play a crucial role in achieving long-term health goals.

We also navigate the complexities of maintaining fitness goals, even in the public eye. Joey provides thoughtful commentary on the relationship between overall health and hormonal balance while advocating for affordable and practical wellness practices. Whether discussing the pitfalls of pricey health protocols or the importance of compassion and self-care, Joey’s perspective is a refreshing reminder that less can indeed be more on the journey to a healthier, balanced life.

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In this episode we discuss...

(00:00) The Minimum Method

(05:04) Navigating Success and Mental Wellness

(13:51) Striving for Wellness Through Simplified Steps

(22:59) Prioritizing Time for Self-Care

(30:22) Finding Balance in Your Personal Health Journey

(34:10) Navigating Wellness Before Optimizing Health

(42:59) Health vs Optimization vs Wellness

(47:33) The "Protocol" Debate

(52:43) Belonging and Community in Wellness

(01:00:27) Maintaining Your Dream Body as Life Changes

(01:11:30) Simplicity in Achieving Wellness and Fitness


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What if small acts of kindness could significantly improve your health and well-being? Join us as we welcome Dr. Nicole Roberts DrPH, MPP to discuss why "Generosity Wins." You'll learn about the incredible health benefits of generosity and kindness, including the release of neurotransmitters like dopamine and oxytocin, which lead to reduced stress, lower blood pressure, and an overall enhancement in health. Discover the science behind the "helper's high" and the transformative power of giving without expecting anything in return.

This episode also explores how intentional generosity can become a part of your daily routine. By committing to a 30-day habit of recording acts of kindness, you can create lasting behavioral change through neuroplasticity. We discuss the broader implications of generosity that go beyond financial donations, emphasizing the importance of balancing kindness towards others with self-care to prevent burnout. Whether it's a small gesture or a consistent practice, these acts can significantly impact your emotional well-being, confidence, and even your earning potential.

We delve into the nuanced challenges of setting boundaries, especially for those balancing demanding careers and parenthood. Hear personal stories about the struggle to find moments for self-care and how setting small boundaries can maintain well-being. The conversation also highlights the often-overlooked acts of generosity within the medical community and the importance of empathy and social health. From developing a supportive culture to fostering connections through small acts of kindness, this episode offers a comprehensive look at how generosity can enrich our lives and society. Don't miss this insightful discussion on making generosity a powerful tool for success and personal happiness.

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In this episode we discuss...

(00:06) Act of Generosity vs. Personal Struggle

(06:41) Health Benefits of Generosity

(11:27) Generosity in Leadership and Its Impact

(18:00) Redefining Generosity

(23:17) The Power of Generous Listening

(52:36) Importance of Even the Smallest Acts of Generosity

(01:00:20) Parenting With Patience and Generosity

(01:03:26) Legacy and Forward Thinking


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What if the secret to unlocking profound healing lies in the vibrations and connections around us? Malorie Lindqvist, a licensed clinical social worker, integrative psychotherapist, and certified sound healer, joins us today to share her transformative journey in the world of therapy. From her early days in psychiatric units to her impactful work at Camp Pendleton, Malorie provides unique insights on the importance of authenticity and connection in different therapeutic settings. Discover how her innovative approaches, including NeuroAffective Relational Model (NARM) therapy and sound healing, have made a significant difference in the lives of diverse trauma populations.

In our conversation, Malorie deep into the intricate balance between revisiting painful memories for healing and avoiding re-traumatization. She underscores the power of mixed trauma groups, where individuals, regardless of their unique experiences, can create profound connections and support each other’s nervous system regulation. Malorie's insights into NARM reveal how focusing on desired states and promoting present-oriented therapy can lead to shorter, more impactful therapeutic sessions.

Finally, explore the healing power of sound therapy with Malorie as she explains how harmonic and dissonant sounds can engage the parasympathetic nervous system, promoting profound healing and integration. Learn about the significance of overtones and intentional sound use in therapeutic settings, and get a glimpse into WithinScape, a sound healing and community space designed to foster inner exploration and connection.

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In this episode we discuss...

(00:00) Healing Trauma Through Sound Therapy

(12:31) How to Create an Effective and Trusting Relationship with Your Therapist

(25:59) Navigating Motivation and Trauma Response

(37:45) Present-Oriented Nervous System Therapy

(45:58) Why Community Therapy Helps in Combination With Individual Therapy

(55:09) How Sound Therapy Works


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Get ready to rethink everything you thought you knew about mental health. Today, licensed neuropsychotherapist and author Britt Frank, LSCSW, SEP joins us again to debunk the myth that mental stability means maintaining a constant calm. Our brains are designed for dynamic flux, and understanding the stories behind our symptoms can lead us to peak human experiences. We also criticize the notion of mental health disorders as mere chemical imbalances and highlight the importance of balancing truth and self-leadership in our wellness journey.

We also expose the pitfalls of forced positivity and the anxiety it breeds. Instead of pushing unwarranted cheerfulness, Britt introduces us to tools like the "also true list," allowing us to balance gratitude with the acknowledgment of pain. Through the lens of Internal Family Systems (IFS), she shares how recognizing and managing our internal parts leads to genuine mental well-being. Britt’s insights on setting healthy boundaries and living authentically offer a refreshing take on self-leadership and personal growth.

If you've ever felt stuck, this episode is a game-changer. We share practical advice on breaking free from disengagement at work and life, focusing on small, actionable steps and micro-yeses to overcome motivation challenges. Britt discusses the importance of symptom management before tackling trauma healing and reframing panic attacks as responses rather than attacks. Join us for an eye-opening conversation that blends scientific insight with actionable advice, all aimed at helping you live a more resilient and authentic life.

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In this episode we discuss...

(04:00) Challenging Conventional Views on Mental Health

(10:21) Embracing Truth and Self-Leadership

(16:28) Breaking Free From Feeling Stuck

(28:25) Limitations of the DSM in Psychology

(36:38) Motivation Challenges and Micro-Yeses

(40:41) Improving Brain Health for Goal Success

(49:41) Setting Healthy Boundaries and Living Authentically


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Can a simple protein revolutionize your health as you age? Sean Lake, co-founder of BUBS Naturals, joins us to share his invaluable insights into the transformative power of collagen. Sean explains how incorporating this essential protein into your daily routine can lead to remarkable improvements in hair, skin, nails, and joint health. Through personal anecdotes and scientific evidence, we uncover how small, sustainable habits and key supplementation can significantly enhance your quality of life, especially as our natural collagen production decreases over time.

We also delve into the broader implications of collagen, including its benefits for gut health and recovery from chronic illnesses like osteoarthritis and GERD. Sean's journey from skepticism to a strong advocate for collagen's health benefits offers listeners a relatable and inspiring narrative. Furthermore, we explore the history and mission behind BUBS Naturals, founded in memory of Glen Doherty, a Navy SEAL who made the ultimate sacrifice in Benghazi. Sean recounts how Glen's legacy of self-improvement and generosity permeates the brand's ethos and mission.

Finally, we tackle the importance of high-quality collagen sourcing and the rigorous standards that ensure product purity and effectiveness. From the challenges of advocating for veterans' rights to the triumph of securing benefits for fallen heroes, Sean's stories are both heart-wrenching and motivational. We discuss the meticulous process behind creating BUBS Naturals products, emphasizing their commitment to clean, high-integrity ingredients. Join us to learn how embracing adversity and prioritizing self-care can lead to a healthier, more fulfilling life.

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In this episode we discuss...

(00:04) Teaser of Collagen's Many Amazing Benefits

(05:44) Exploring the Impact of Collagen on a Healthy Lifestyle

(09:33) The Clinically Proven Benefits of Collagen

(16:25) Collagen Encourages Body's Natural Production?

(21:24) Collagen Benefits for Chronic Illness

(21:39) - Collagen Benefits for Gut Health

(38:39) Is Sourcing Collagen From Diet Enough?

(56:11) Surprising Collagen Water Experiment

(58:57) Choosing Healthy Fats in Coffee

(01:12:04) - Fighting for Congressional Gold Medal


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Discover the dark truth about vegetable oils and their profound impact on our health in this eye-opening episode with Dr. Cate Shanahan, author of "Dark Calories," to expose how eight common seed oils cause cellular damage, promote inflammation, and contribute to chronic diseases and the obesity epidemic. We explore the deceptive marketing that portrays these oils as healthy and the lack of education among healthcare professionals about their potential dangers. Dr. Cate shares her journey as a family medicine doctor and reveals how these oils disrupt our body's ability to efficiently use stored fat for energy.

Listen in as we examine how misleading branding has led to the perception that vegetable oils are beneficial, despite one-third of Americans' caloric intake coming from these harmful oils. I share my personal journey of discovering their detrimental effects after falling ill, guided by my background in biochemistry and influenced by the book "Spontaneous Healing." We also discuss the origins of the term "vegetable oil" and the need for greater awareness about the true nature of these oils. Dr. Cate and I emphasize the importance of questioning widely accepted health claims and taking actionable steps to eliminate these oils from our diets.

The conversation continues as we highlight the significance of tracking energy levels to understand metabolic health and offer practical advice on reducing the intake of these oils. We also touch on other crucial factors such as sleep, exercise, and managing interpersonal stress, which all contribute to reducing oxidative stress and promoting longevity. By shedding light on the hidden dangers of vegetable oils, this episode provides a clear roadmap to recovery and rejuvenation, empowering you to make informed choices for a healthier, longer life.

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In this episode we discuss...

(04:54) Uncovering the Truth About Vegetable Oils

(08:52) Dangers of Vegetable Oils When Unchecked

(17:50) Toxic Effects

(21:37) Benefits of Mitochondrial Revitalization

(28:00) How to Identify Harmful Oils in Food

(43:50) Longevity and Antioxidants

(48:53) Healthy Habits That Remove Seed Oils From Your Diet


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What if understanding the full spectrum of your health insurance could change your life? Join us for an eye-opening conversation into the world of health care and insurance with Dr. Darrell Gray II, MD. Dr. Gray shares invaluable insights on the necessity of health literacy, the critical role of primary care providers, and the importance of preventive measures that can potentially save your life. Through personal anecdotes, he illustrates the unpredictable nature of health issues and the importance of being prepared with the right health coverage.

Navigating the complex world of healthcare benefits can be daunting, but Dr. Gray breaks it down with practical advice and tools like Anthem's We explore common misconceptions about insurance coverage, and Dr. Gray emphasizes how knowing the specifics of your plan can significantly impact your healthcare experience. From lactation support and low to no-cost medications to transportation assistance, understanding these benefits can lead to better health outcomes. We also discuss the evolving healthcare system's efforts to reduce barriers and stigma, ensuring broader access to necessary care.

For those self-employed or in between jobs, this episode offers crucial information on affordable health insurance options and subsidies provided by the Affordable Care Act. Dr. Gray also touches on the mental health impacts of grief, the rising awareness of mental health and substance use disorders post-pandemic, and how insurance can support access to mental health providers and addiction treatment. Tune in to empower yourself and your loved ones with the knowledge to maximize your health benefits and prioritize your well-being - and share this episode with a loved one!

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In this episode we discuss…

(01:00) Navigating Healthcare Benefits for Optimal Health

(06:27) How to Access Healthcare Benefits

(16:28) Exploring Healthcare Benefits to Maximize Personal Use

(22:24) Understanding the Importance of Health Insurance for Everyone

(36:08) How to Leverage Benefits in Employment

(42:06) Preventative Measures and What to Look For in Insurance Options for Wellness

(47:02) Improving Access to Make Sure You Get to Keep Using Your Benefits

(59:54) Empowering Others and Building Healthy, More Educated Communities


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Unlock the secrets to mastering men's sexual health and achieve a more satisfying intimate life with insights from Jackson Hightower, a renowned men's health and wellness educator. In this eye-opening episode, we tackle the pressing issue of declining testosterone levels and the alarming rise of sexual dysfunction among younger men. Jackson shares crucial strategies for enhancing sexual education, communication, consent, and self-awareness, providing practical steps to foster stronger connections in intimate relationships.

Explore the benefits of Kegel exercises and understand their vital role in managing erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, and prostate health. We delve into the holistic approach to sexual dynamics, emphasizing the importance of understanding both one's own body and that of a partner. Drawing inspiration from Taoist philosophies, we discuss the transformative power of sexual energy, including practices like edging and the conservation of life force, to cultivate a more fulfilling and balanced life.

Addressing the complexities of long-term relationships, we offer guidance on maintaining libido and sexual energy as we age. Learn how to navigate personal growth within partnerships, understand the impact of past traumas, and embrace open communication about sexual health. Jackson also shares valuable insights into the world of herbal medicine for male health, the detrimental effects of pornography addiction, and practical advice on optimizing male sexual health markers. This episode is an essential listen for anyone dedicated to achieving a fulfilling and authentic sexual experience.

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In this episode we discuss...

(04:00) Improving Men's Sexual Health and Performance

(13:24) Sexual Dynamics

(24:36) Harnessing Sexual Energy for Power

(28:36) Exploring Sexual Dynamics Safely and Open-Mindedly

(37:05) Enhancing Long-Term Sexual Relationships

(45:06) Maintaining Libido

(50:05) Optimizing Male Sexual Health Markers

(59:38) Understanding Herbal Medicine for Male Health

(01:09:57) Breaking Down Communicating Sexual Health

(01:16:02) Embracing Male Sexual Health Challenges


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How can the power of small, consistent actions lead to monumental improvements in your wellness journey? Ever Forward Radio welcomes back integrative wellness and performance coach Ben Smith as we discuss the profound impact of daily habits. From the significance of sleep and physical movement to the value of meaningful connections, Ben offers practical insights to help men reconnect with their feelings, build self-confidence, and overcome negative self-perceptions. During Men's Health Awareness Month, this episode emphasizes the critical role of male friendships and prioritizing mental health.

We also dispel the myth that wellness has to be complex. Ben and I explore the simplicity and accessibility of essential habits like mindful breathing, intentional movement, and proper hydration. We highlight the importance of personalized approaches to wellness and the transformative power of manageable, impactful changes. Reflecting on my own journey, we discuss how tracking personal health metrics during the COVID-19 pandemic revealed that quality sleep, intentional movement, and meaningful connections are key to a balanced and fulfilling life.

Moving forward, we navigate the evolution of personal priorities and self-awareness, stressing the shift from physical achievements to mental health and happiness. Ben shares his journey of embracing slow productivity, mindfulness, and self-acceptance, emphasizing the importance of celebrating small wins and the power of sharing experiences. We conclude with practical advice on building confidence, self-worth, and taking decisive action to live a life Ever Forward. Join us for an episode filled with actionable tips and heartfelt reflections that will inspire you on your own wellness journey.

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In this episode we discuss...

(12:12) Mind-Body Integrative Wellness Coaching

(23:34) Why Prioritizing Mental Health and Human Connection Are Important

(25:32) What Personal Growth and Maturity in Your Life Can Look (and feel) Like

(33:31) Wellness Habits for Busy People

(37:00) Navigating Goals With Efficiency

(45:38) Reflecting on Past Capabilities and Growth

(59:43) Embrace Life by Making Hard Decisions

(01:02:08) How to Use Excuses as Data Points

(01:21:46) Benefits of No Cost Healthy Habits

(01:34:52) How Ben Lives a Life Ever Forward


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Unlock the secrets to balanced hormones and a healthy gut with functional medicine expert Rachel Scheer. Learn how hormonal fluctuations, especially involving progesterone and estrogen, can wreak havoc on women's digestive systems, triggering issues like IBS, bloating, and constipation. In this episode, you will discover the intricate web linking gut health, stress, and self-worth, and why addressing these factors holistically is essential for overall well-being.

Rachel dives deep into the world of probiotics, prebiotics, and postbiotics, debunking common myths and sharing how to introduce these vital elements into your diet safely. You'll hear her personal triumph over severe gut motility issues and gain practical tips for managing your gut health naturally. This episode also highlights the importance of recognizing environmental stressors like mold and toxins, which can disrupt multiple body systems and lead to autoimmune conditions and neuroinflammation.

Explore the profound connection between authenticity, chronic stress, and health. Rachel emphasizes the importance of inner work and maintaining a balance between high achievement and self-care to prevent burnout. We also discuss the value of functional medicine testing for those who are looking to optimize their health beyond the absence of disease. With actionable insights on hormone balance, gut health, and whole-body healing, this episode is a must-listen for anyone committed to living their healthiest, most authentic life.

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In this episode we discuss...

(04:00) Hormones, Gut Health & Functional Medicine

(10:34) Hormones, Probiotics & Gut Health

(18:29) Gut Health and Microbiome Overview

(24:42) Whole Body Healing and System Regulation

(35:29) Healing Through Authenticity

(45:04) Optimizing Nervous System Regulation

(53:14) Chronic Stress and Burnout Indicators

(59:11) Balancing Lifestyle for Holistic Health

(01:02:46) Functional Medicine Testing and Protocols

(01:11:49) Men's Health, Testosterone & Hormonal Optimization


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Justin Jones-Fosu is here to explore the art of respectfully disagreeing and maintaining our humanity amidst ideological differences. Justin emphasizes the importance of valuing and dignifying individuals regardless of their beliefs or backgrounds. Prepare to discover strategies for fostering healthy collaboration over unhealthy competition and the significance of heart-driven work in difficult conversations. Justin shares his five pillars of respectful disagreement, offering practical examples and exercises to apply in various settings, making this a must-listen for anyone seeking to navigate our divided world with grace and respect.

We also tackle the concept of "disrespectful agreement," where individuals agree with others to avoid conflict, often leading to internal resentment and missed opportunities for genuine connection. Through real-life examples, such as a wife agreeing to preserve her husband's self-esteem or an employee aiming for a promotion, we highlight the importance of recognizing and addressing these tendencies. Practical advice is also provided on how to ensure every interaction leaves all parties feeling valued, and a personal story about managing contentious conversations underscores the importance of empathy and mutual respect in communication.

Additionally, we delve into the transformative power of collaboration over competition, sharing an engaging exercise that highlights the benefits of supportive environments. Reflecting on a late-night ride along with police officers, we discuss the multifaceted role they play and the importance of cultivating respectful relationships despite challenges. Finally, we explore the power of respectful interactions in planting seeds of change and the value of being present in the moment. Listen in as we bring you insights from Justin's latest book, "I Respectfully Disagree: How to Have Difficult Conversations in a Divided World," and learn how to move "Ever Forward" with purpose and understanding.

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In this episode we discuss...

(00:00) Passionately Pursuing Humanity (03:22) What Does It Mean to Respectfully Disagree? (13:24) Honest Reasons for Disrespectfully Agreeing (26:43) Collaborative Stress Ball Challenge (34:19) Importance of Valuing Contributions in Meetings (37:10) A Mother's Lesson (45:53) Respectful Exploration of Beliefs (50:08) Creating Space for Redemption (01:03:03) How to Create a Shift in Perspective (01:07:20) Ever Forward


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Join me on as I sit down with Najwa Zebian, a four-time best-selling author and Lebanese-Canadian activist, to explore the intricate dynamics of cultural identity, empathy, and self-preservation. Najwa shares her compelling journey of navigating life between two cultures and the transformative power our words hold over our lives. Together, we uncover the challenges of maintaining one's personal story amidst societal pressures and discuss the importance of compassionate communication and the pitfalls of black-and-white thinking. Najwa's insights shed light on understanding differing perspectives and fostering open dialogue to achieve a fulfilling and meaningful life.

Throughout our conversation, we also touch on the importance of self-awareness and empathy in reducing judgment and criticism of others. By exploring how understanding one's values and imperfections fosters compassion, we highlight the problem of defensiveness and the unwillingness to engage in open conversations. Najwa shares personal anecdotes, such as her experience of removing the hijab and facing backlash, illustrating the challenges and importance of staying true to oneself while navigating societal pressures. We emphasize the value of dialogue and understanding differing perspectives for unity and growth.

Finally, we explore the profound journey of personal growth, healing, and living authentically. Najwa and I discuss the significance of embracing pain and seeking clarity, rather than masking issues with superficial solutions. By reflecting on past traumas and the transformative power of self-love and inner reflection, we underscore the necessity of setting boundaries and surrounding oneself with supportive relationships. Listen in as we share powerful stories and metaphors that highlight the urgency of embracing one's authentic truth and the liberating process of transforming knowing into doing.

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In this episode we discuss...

(08:01) Lebanese Canadian Identity and Empowerment

(19:17) Promoting Understanding Through Dialogue

(23:16) Religious Transition and Empowerment

(48:43) Reconnecting With Inner Child

(59:47) Najwa's Most Proud Accomplishment

(01:18:02) Father's Acceptance of Daughter's Independence

(01:26:21) Embracing Change and Authentic Living

(01:30:17) Navigating Family Reactions to Removing Hijab

(01:35:28) Embracing Authenticity Amidst Change

(01:41:48) Najwa's Current Personal Growth and Self-Discovery Journey


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