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Health coaches are trained to help you address the behavioral factors and habits that affect a wide range of obstacles keeping you from reaching your goals. From the overworked executive to the first-time mother adjusting to life with a newborn or someone trying to finally lose that last five pounds, we offer the guidance and tools you need to overcome challenges and regain a greater level of well-being.*

Today's smartphones, apps and wearables collect vital data about your health and wellness, let a professional analyze and apply it to your coaching to further you towards your goals. EF Coach specializes in the integration of food logging apps, smart scales and body composition analyzers, physical activity trackers and wearables. We integrate principles of the "quantified self" to best match your needs and use technology to advance the human potential.

EF Coach provides professional insight and guidance in multiple areas of wellness, expanding upon the basics of personal training and dietary advice. We assess where you have been, where you are and where you want to go by creating a lifestyle around healthy habits and behavior modification.

*Information from American Council on Exercise

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